10 Most Heavily Guarded Places On Earth


Usually, going through security is nothing more than a quick pat down and a big smile at the officer. Like when you’re at the airport, you show your documents, have a quick chat about how excited you are to be going on holiday, and you’re safe through. Next, off to the departure lounge, a quick stroll around the stores, and onto the plane. But this isn’t always the case. It’s one thing to get on a plane but another entirely if you want to view some of the world’s most secure locations.

For example, forget just turning up if you want to visit the Vatican Secret Archives – you’ll have to prepare in advance in a variety of ways, and even then you’re not guaranteed entry. And that’s one of the easier locations to visit on our list. Many of the others, like the Bank of England gold vault, can only be viewed online if you’re curious as to what the insides look like. Except, of course, if you hold some authority – like the Queen of England, who was given a personalized, guided tour.

When you’ve finished admiring the gold stored at the Bank of England, you’ll also be able to check out Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve Bank in New York – but probably only through watching our video. These three places together hold the majority of the gold in the world, and have the security measures to match.

On our list we also have some of the more dangerous places that you probably wouldn’t want to visit, but you’d find it difficult enough to do so regardless. Try the Korean Demilitarized Zone or the Tumen River: people have lost their lives from visiting these places, but only through pure desperation.