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10 Most Haunting Abandoned Places In The World


As human civilization has evolved we have expanded our presence across the world. Human civilization can be found on virtually every island and continent spanning the globe. We have built countless towns and cities and linked them together with roads, railways, sea lanes and air routes. This growth resulted in everything from impressive castles and skyscrapers to stadiums, power plants and hospitals. Of course, like anything we build, it eventually wears out or ends up being unneeded. In these instances, for the most part, we demolish the structure to make room for something new or more modern. If that can’t be done then we also have a habit of simply abandoning it – to either come back later and reuse the area or let it slowly crumble away. From old factories to farm houses, you’ve likely seen evidence of this across the nation.

But sometimes things we abandon, whether they be specific buildings or whole regions, can take on a new characteristic. Sure, they can look tired and run down. Certain places, however, can take on a rather unsettling feel. Maybe the area in question has a history of ghost sightings, maybe not. In any case, these following locations have the look and general feel that would make them appropriate for use in a horror movie or even a video game about zombies or the post-apocalyptic world. They’re abandoned, they’re run-down and whether it’s from the outside or within, you’ll see they give off a vibe that’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand right up