10 Most Extreme Plastic Surgeries You Wont Believe


We have all experienced the feeling of not being satisfied with our appearance. Whether we feel would could be thinner, or we want to change genders, or even want to resemble an animal, plastic surgery seems to have been the “end all be all” when it comes to solutions. However, there is a growing trend of plastic surgeries that go well beyond the traditional views of a boob job or getting a nose restructured. There are people out there who don’t even want to look human anymore, and will therefore surrender their humanity as the scalpel cuts their flesh. But plastic surgery is one of the biggest money makers in the world, so it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Given that plastic surgery is available all over the world, and doctors have different ethics depending on which one you talk to, it is entirely possible to go overboard on procedures.

It seems that these days, if you want to live life as an alien or as a cat, it’s possible thanks to the innovations of plastic surgery. While it’s easy to judge from a distance, we don’t know what it’s like to live another person’s life. In this video, you see the ten most extreme plastic surgeries that you won’t believe. It is one thing to maybe get some injections. But the people on this list completely transformed their identities and changed their lives for what they thought was the better. A few may have regrets over their decisions while others feel confident about their transformation, regardless of how shocking it is.