10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World


When we think of expensive items, many of us picture diamonds, swimming pools full of gold coins, or designer clothing. Those are all solid forms of matter. But there are many liquids with incredible properties that are worth their weight in gold. And you might have more of them on hand than you think. Which is more expensive: your printer ink, or the blood of a horseshoe crab? I know, you probably get asked that question all the time. And you probably use one of those things more often than you might think.

Your favorite perfume may make you feel good when you smell it, but it may be doing more damage to your wallet than you think. Especially if you enjoy a daily spritz of Chanel No. 5. We give our blood away for free when we donate it, without thinking of how much money we’re draining into those I.V. bags. Find out why something that is coursing through our veins right now is worth such a massive amount of money.

Which is more expensive: the venom from a king cobra, or the venom from a scorpion? We’ll let you know which one is more profitable, and which one is more deadly. Although they both have the power to harm, you may be shocked by their power to heal in the field of medicine.