10 most exotic creatures you didn't know exist


Which would you rather stare down: a spider, or a snake? And we’re not talking about a cute little garter snake here. What if we told you that there was a creature that incorporates the worst traits of both of these creatures? When you’re done screaming, be sure to watch the rest of our video. We’ll tell you about the harpy eagle, the largest and most powerful raptor in the Americas, and its talons are fiercer than a grizzly bear’s claws. While you’re looking to the sky, you might see a sunda flying lemur. Although the name is a little deceptive, we’ll tell you how to recognize one. Or if the ocean is more your speed, journey with us to the very bottom of the sea to meet the flapjack octopus, who you may recognize from its appearance in one of your favorite films.

While the aye aye is a creature that same believe is unlucky, he golden orb weaver spider might actually be lucky for humans trying to regrow nerves. Some creatures like the maned wolf and patagonian mara look like a weird mixture of several other common animals, but they’re something else entirely. Don’t worry, we have plenty of cute animals on our list as well, such as the pink fairy armadillo (even its name is cute) and the irrawaddy dolphin.