10 Most EPIC YouTube DISS TRACKS Ever (Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Rice Gum, Jenna Marbles)


YouTubers have been changing the entertainment industry since the platform first came out in 2005. It almost seems as though today's youth spends more time watching short videos on YouTube than actual TV shows. Not only have YouTube stars become more popular than they could've ever imagined, they have also become huge influential figures for their viewers.

Your favorite YouTubers probably make most of their money off of sponsorships that are paid for by huge companies for being big-time influencers. This practice is not different from George Clooney doing a Nespresso commercial or Jennifer Aniston insisting that she uses Aveeno products from the drugstore. YouTuber Jake Paul was even able to get $1 million in financing from investors for his social media incubator, Team 10.

Not only do we look up to these YouTube stars for their advice and their larger-than-life realities, we also love hearing gossip about their personal lives. Why did Jake Paul and Alissa Violet breakup? Is Jake Paul actually married? What goes on in the Team 10 house off cameras?

That's why the YouTube community went crazy recently when a string of diss tracks were released, roasting some of our favorite YouTubers. Are they all really mad at each other or are they just trying to get more views on their channels? Logan Paul dissed Jake Paul, Jake dissed Logan back, Ricegum dissed Jake, DownRangeGaming dissed Ricegum, Ricegum dissed PewDiePie, PewDiePie dissed no one, and the pattern seems to just never end.

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