10 Most EPIC Celebrity Clapbacks


You’ll be dropping your jaw in shock as you watch our video of the 10 most epic celeb clap backs ever. When it comes to responding to haters, some celebrities have the skills we all want to emulate. From fans to fellow famous people, it doesn’t matter who’s doing the trolling, these celebs can shut them down with one line. Of course, certain situations call for a longer clap back, and there are major points scored by some celebs for their replies to negativity. Let’s take a look at the most epic celeb clap backs.

Using comedy is one of the best ways to respond to a negative person. And some of these celebs prove they’ve got a great sense of humor with their epic one-liners. Kylie Jenner knows how to silence haters with hilarious come backs to their criticism of her sultry Instagram photos. And Gabourey Sidibe takes down trolls who are mean about her fashion choices with a very funny reality check of their lives versus hers. Floyd Mayweather also uses his amazing life as a way to put haters in their place. Of course, the queen of the sarcastic clap back is none other than Chrissy Teigen. Her retorts to all that disapproval about her parenting choices are just epic. Her husband, John Legend knows how to get straight to the point too. His clap back to Donald Trump Jr is legendary.

Then there are those celebs that deal with feuds with other famous people right in front of the world. Their social media spats make for entertaining viewing for the rest of us. Rihanna will make you giggle when you see how she deals with TLC’s alleged criticism of her fashion choices. And Kim Kardashin almost broke the Internet when she shared those Snapchat videos of Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s phone conversation about ‘Famous’. Talk about a biggest clap back ever. Then Skai Jackson’s response to Azealia Banks proves that you’re never too young to perfect the clap back.

Of course, there are clap backs that are more on the serious side, like Zendaya’s response to Giuliana Rancic’s comments about her locs. You’ll feel inspired to stand up for what’s right after seeing her eloquent clap back. Blac Chyna is another celeb that takes a long form approach to putting those who cross her in their place. Her clap back to Wendy Williams is of epic proportions.

Get ready to give these 10 celebs a virtual high five as you laugh your way through our video of the best celebrity clap backs ever, and let us know in comments which one is most epic.