10 Most Embarrassing Red Carpet Moments


From award shows, to star studded events, red carpets have become a whole production of their own. Though it’s been said many stars don’t even enjoy walking the red carpet, it had become a major way to promote themselves, or in this care completely embarrass themselves. Everything from nip slips to fan pranks, there is no way to control what happens on the red carpet.

Even our favorite stars, who seem so graceful on screen, can be victims of a red carpet tumble. Take notoriously clumsy Jennifer Lawrence for example. The Oscar winning actress has fallen at movie premieres, on red carpets, and even while walking up the stairs to receive her Oscar. Of course, these little spills make the world love her, because she so easily brushes them off. In 2014, Jennifer had the chance to redeem herself after falling on stage the previous year while she was going to accept her Oscar. While walking the 2014 Oscars red carpet, the actress managed to trip over a traffic cone, and fell to her knees. She nearly took out the woman in front of her, but Jennifer managed to get back to her feet and have a laugh. The fall marked her second year in a row to fall at the Oscars.

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the only star lacking grace. Hayden Panttiere also had her battle with a red carpet in 2014. The tiny actress was walking the Met Gala red carpet, when she got to the staircase and had a spill. Apparently her shoe had gotten caught in her dress, and made it hard for her to keep on her feet while descending the carpet-adorned staircase. Luckily, Panttiere was able to save face without ruining her dress, or have any wardrobe malfunctions. She managed to laugh it off, and continue her walk down the red carpet.

It’s not always the tumbles and spills that make it to the most embarrassing red carpet moments list. Sometimes it can be reasons that are completely out of the stars control. Red carpets are usually hosted outside, and make it really easy for fans and outsiders to have access to the stars. Or in this case, someone posing as a fake news reporter, while trying to pull off a prank. In 2005, Tom Cruise was speaking to the press on the red carpet of the “World of Wars” premiere in London. He was answering questions, when all of a sudden one of the reporters used a fake microphone to squirt water into his face. The fake reporter was recording the incident for a TV show, but Cruise didn’t think it was funny. When the man went to leave, Cruise wouldn’t let him, and he continued to scold the prankster. Later, 5 men were arrested for the prank, and Cruise’s botched prank made headlines.

Not all sneaky fan moments are fun and games; sometimes they can be straight up attacks. When Kim Kardashian was at the launch of her perfume “True Reflection” a woman came out of now where and began attacking her by dumping flour on her head. The unidentified woman could be heard yelling, “fur hag” during the attack. Kim is known to wear real fur, and this wasn’t the first time that she had received backlash for doing so. After the flour episode, Kim was rushed inside the venue to get cleaned up. The reality star was able to get her self dusted off, and came back out looking like a true rock star.