10 Most Embarrassing On Stage Moments


We love to see an amazing performance by our favorite celebrities, but sometimes we love having a laugh at their expense as well. We have rounded up 10 of the most embarrassing moments on stage involving some of your favorite celebrities. Katy Perry definitely knows how to put on an incredible performance, but unfortunately she needs some help getting down from her high flying stunts. Someone asleep at the helm meant that she was literally left hanging after one performance. Ripping your pants is embarrassing, but doing so in front of fans at Madison Square Garden is next level awkward, just ask Camila Cabello. You’d think that by now celebrities would have learned not to interrupt each other, but Fergie just couldn’t resist making an awkward plug for her new single during an award show. Liam Payne may know how to sing, but apparently he sometimes has trouble finding the right way to get off the stage.