10 Most Difficult Games Even The Developers Couldn’t Beat


Games are supposed to be challenging, but they can be extremely frustrating if they get too hard. Sometimes the ambitions of game developers get taken a little too far. They end up creating challenging levels, impossible courses, and some games where players will never see a happy ending. It’s one thing to design a tough game. It’s another to actually be able to defeat it.

Looking back through history, there have been numerous games that were nearly impossible to beat. One of the earliest forms of this was the game Ghosts N’ Goblins. An early look at true horror, the game featured an intense amount of villains, and crazy challenges that barley saw players getting through the first level. Smash T.V. featured a crazy futuristic game show where players were thrust into death trap rooms filled with monsters, aliens, and all kinds of other obstacles. There have been numerous game versions of Jurassic Park, but nothing was more challenging than the SNES version that saw the dinosaurs win out more often than the guests. Super Meat Boy starts off easy enough but then becomes crazier and crazier, making many players want to throw their controller. The challenges and difficulty in the puzzle game Faster Than Light may make you feel dumb after failing over and over again. After years of playing, it may still be difficult for players to make it past level 3 in the Battletoads game. You can explore and travel around in the Dark Souls game, but good luck getting by any of the crazy boss battles. The world of Mario is turned upside-down in one of the most challenging platform games known as I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game.