10 Most Dangerous Military Special Forces


When you were little there was a good chance you played soldier – or some variation of it. You and your friends would either pick sides or create imaginary enemies. Then you might build a fort or go in search of your enemy. Once the battle began the imaginary bullets started to fly and friends started dropping. Except for Billy – because he was a poor sport and had some sort of magic shield that stopped bullets. Then you’d tell Billy you were a Navy SEAL and his shield was useless, after which he’d run home pouting because we all had a friend who just couldn’t play by the imaginary rules.

Of course, all of this points to the influence the military has on young minds when it comes to playtime. Naturally, wanting to be the most powerful, the special forces are the favorites. But this begs the question – which Special Forces are the most amazing. Of course, any answer to this is largely subjective and influenced by which country you live in. Despite this, we can measure the track record of various Special Forces, their abilities and their global reach to narrow down this fascinating field to 10 of the best. From India and Pakistan to Canada and the United States, these units can perform a variety of tasks and take out the bad guys in such a way that you’ll be glad they aren’t coming after you.