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10 Most Dangerous Dogs

As the saying goes, “Dogs are man’s best friend.” For thousands of years, dogs have walked alongside man and have become our most loyal companions. Dogs were evolved by man from the wolf centuries ago, and now we have so many breeds of dogs that it’s hard to remember them all. With dog adoptions happening every day, there are precautions people have to take when it comes to different breeds. As man evolved dogs, they bred them with specific purposes like hunting, companionship, and more. This doesn’t mean that a dog’s fate is sealed, as they training and personality of a dog depends on the owner. But there are basic instincts that specific breeds have that will make them more or less appealing to humans. If someone wants a guard dog, they may go for a German Shepherd, pit bull, or even a Siberian husky. If a person wants something small and cute, then they might go for a pomeranian. The possibilities are truly endless, but what are the risks?

In this video, you will get informed about the ten most dangerous dogs. This isn’t meant to deter anyone from getting a dog, nor does this video encourage anyone to harm an animal based on the threat of potential danger. It is up to you to make your own decision about these dogs, and just play it safe. Most dogs will get their behavior and habits based on how they’re treated by their owners. There are people who have even domesticated foxes, so anything is possible!