10 Most Controversial Social Media Posts Of Famous People


When you’re a celebrity all eyes are on you, especially when it comes to social media. Whatever they choose to tweet, gram or snap is seen by thousands, if not millions of followers, who aren’t shy to voice their opinions. Some post outraged comments, while others write full-blown articles about their disgust.

While some controversies seem a little over-dramatic, others are completely called for. Take the group of celebrities who dissed Caitlyn Jenner, for instance, or all of Iggy Azalea’s racist and homophobic tweets that caused her to leave social media. These stars should know better than to be so disrespectful, and the backlash against them was really not surprising.

But in some cases, maybe we just need to let celebs live. Apparently no one can wear cornrows anymore, and an endorsement photo can’t be posted if it’s not up to the FDA’s standards. Pretty much anything they post is up for controversy, which just seems a little ridiculous.

Many times the posts are quickly taken down, or the celebs issue follow-up photos or statements to apologize. Other times, not so much. From Miley Cyrus’ pornographic, drug-filled instagram account, to Harry Styles’ Native American headdress photo, these are 10 celebrity social media posts that stirred up tons of controversy.