10 Most Bizarre Shoes Ever Created


A modest three or four-inch heel is pretty easy to walk on, but can you imagine going for a stroll down the street in a pair of 10-inch pumps? These outrageous shoes may not be wearable, but designers continue to push the envelope by making footwear that would intimidate even the most skilled high-heel lover.

Alexander McQueen started the ultra-high platform trend, and the rest of the world followed suit. These days, his designs are a part of his fashion house’s legacy, and the footwear is definitely considered to be a work of art. The fashion world went absolutely crazy when McQueen debuted his Armadillo heel, and only 21 pairs of the coveted shoes were made. Anyone who was lucky enough to get their hands on this eccentric shoe is the proud owner of a piece of fashion history. But the crazy heel height makes these shoes impossible to wear for a long period of time. Lady Gaga owns more than a couple pairs, and if you notice, every time she puts some on, there’s usually someone standing close by to help her out in case she takes a spill.

The designer is also the man behind the intimidating geisha-inspired heels. The double planked heels make it almost impossible to walk a few steps without falling to the ground. The only thing keeping your feet securely inside the shoes is some twisted rope fabric. Although the design of the shoe is absolutely exquisite, we definitely won’t risking breaking an ankle all in the name of fashion.

Ballet shoes have always been a symbol of grace and elegance, and fashion brands have recreated the silhouette of the slipper in various designs. This one particular revamped version of the ballet slipper looks like an accident waiting to happen. The shoes are positioned at an awkward angle that requires you to basically stand on your tiptoes. This fusion between the ballet slipper and a high-heel stiletto is a favorite in the fetish community. Months of training is involved if you want to walk in these 7-inch bad boys without falling right on your face.

If you thought the Ballet Shoe was bad, it has nothing on this high heel. The designer of this footwear really got creative with the construction of the design, and although the shoe looks interesting, we wouldn’t dare try to walk a step in them. The foot is placed at an awkward and uncomfortable angle, and the heel is supported by a thin metal bar and a few straps of leather. Can you imagine trying to get around town in these super-high heels? Window shopping at the mall and going out dancing with friends is definitely out of the question.

These wire high heels look more like a torture device, but if trendy and eccentric footwear is your style, then these shoes were made for you. The simplistic design and the construction of this footwear requires your feet to rest and be supported on the delicate wires. There’s no sort of protection on the soles of the feet, and there really isn’t anything preventing your foot from sliding completely out of the wire design.

A creative project by designer René van den Berg and South African art graduate Leanie van der Vyver produced one amazing pair of reverse high-heel shoes. Named “Scary Beautiful,” this is probably one of the most challenging footwear designs we have ever seen. Regular high heels are tricky enough to master, but the reverse high heel makes it almost impossible for the wearer to stand up straight. The shoes sit backwards on the foot, and your feet point at a 90 degree angle. They’re beautifully designed, but impossible to wear. They’re definitely better suited on display at an art museum.