10 Most Bizarre School Rituals


There are different schools and traditions all over the world, and

most of the time they don’t make headlines. But, there are some

schools with strange traditions that can only be explained by the

people who participate in them! From a questionable tradition

involving a priest, to a school’s tradition of spreading mono,

these are 10 most bizarre school rituals!

In 2012, a school in Lubin, Poland came under fire after they post

photos of their bizarre school ritual to their website. The photos

show teenagers licking cream off the head priest’s knees. The long-

standing tradition is the initiation process for incoming freshman of

the school. The school’s administration was shocked by the negative

reactions to the photos, because no one had ever complained about the

strange tradition.

The Students and fans of University of Pennsylvania’s football team

have found an interesting way to celebrate their team. During the 3 rd

quarter they throw pieces of toast towards the field. The tradition

started in the 1970’s when the school made a decision to ban alcohol

sales at their stadium. So, instead of fans raising their glasses

during a 3 rd quarter toast to the team lead by a song by the band, fans

and students instead throw toast! The tradition has taken a life of

it’s own, and now students stock pile bread to save up for the “Toast


Every year during the first full moon after classes start at Stanford

University, students participate in the University sanctioned

tradition of “Full Moon On The Quad”. The tradition is a way to

welcome the freshman class to their new school. It involves upper

classman kissing the lower classman at midnight during the first full

moon. “Full Moon On The Quad” has come under fire for causing “kissing

disease” or mono to be spread throughout the Stanford campus the

following week after.