10 Most Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items You Probably Never Tried


Whether it’s a quick stop for a meal during the day, breakfast for the road, or a bite after a night out, sometimes nothing else will do but a familiar taste of McDonald’s. McDonald’s is great at picking up on local favorites and unique flavors in its restaurants around the world. This can result in some pretty unusual ingredient combinations. Today, we’re going over the 10 Most Bizarre McDonald’s Menu Items You Probably Never Tried.

From carbonara to Black and White Burgers, you will be shocked what kind of flavors you could find on a McDonald’s bun. If you’re feeling snacky while you’re abroad, you might want to try a McChoco Potato, Cheese Stars, a Taro pie, or a McSpaghetti. You may want to consider trading in your McMuffin for a Twisty Pasta Breakfast or our number one, Chicken or Pork Porridge. Watch until the end to find out how a bizarre McDonald’s menu item has turned into a healthy breakfast option you can actually try!