10 Most Bizarre Fashion Shows Ever Created


The fashion world is full of weirdness, so you have to come up with something seriously out there to make it onto a list of the 10 most bizarre fashion shows ever created. And boy did these designers do just that. From strange headgear to unusual poses and odd makeup choices, these strange fashion shows prove that pretty much anything goes in the world of fashion. Where else would you find bearded ladies, human backpacks and giant Pac-Man helmets? Call it creative, or call it crazy. It certainly isn’t boring.

Fashion Week is a very competitive time of year, so it’s no wonder designers continually try to push the boundaries to come up with something even more shocking than the rest. It certainly earns them column inches in the press and buzz on social media sites. But we should stop for a moment and think of those poor models who have to put up with having a plank stuck to their face, or pieces of metal stretching their lips apart. And that’s just the menswear shows. They can be strikingly odd and full of the weirdest accessories. Giant animal heads, for example.

Of course, the standard Fashion Week womenswear shows are where the biggest headlines are typically made. Like Maison Martin Margiela’s take on flat pack fashion. Why show clothes in 3D when you can stretch them flat? And why have clothes that stay put when you can rain on them and make them dissolve? Hussein Chalayan certainly knows all about melting coats. And when Rick Owens’ Spring 2016 show involves women strapped upside down to each other, you know that’s going to be difficult to top in the weird stakes.

The way the models’ faces look is a more mainstream way for a designer to grab attention. Forget the normal makeup look if you want to create a bizarre show. Go for a second face painted on. Or a bald head and a beard on a female model. On all of your models, in fact. A runway full of bald, bearded ladies isn’t weird at all. Not at all, Patrick Mohr. Nor is a runway full of models with acne. A bold move like that certainly gets a conversation started about what beauty means. And that can only be a good thing, right Moto Guo?