10 Most Beautiful Kids in the World All Grown Up


There are some kids that you look at that are so stunning that they stop you in your tracks. They make you think to yourself, “how could a kid possibly be that beautiful.” Do you think they retain that beauty as they get older or was it just a stage? Well, we have created a list of the 10 Most Beautiful Kids in the World All Grown Up just so you can check.

First, take Thylane Blondeau. She is no newbie to the modeling world. She began modeling when she was just four years old and had ended up in the pages of Vogue by the time she was just ten. So, what is she up to now? The controversial model has now signed on to be one of L‘Oréal’s ambassadors.

Kristina Pimenova is another prime example of a beautiful child. She has been modeling basically since she could walk and was even featured in Vogue Bambini. What could she possibly be doing now that would top that? She has continued modeling and has even been featured in a few films.

Anastasia Bezrukova was also modeling as a young child. Since her start, she has been featured in campaigns for Armani and other big brands, as well as being featured in Harper’s Bazaar.

Whether it be Lily Chee, The Gerber Baby, Laneya Grace, or Millie Foster, these little dynamos on this list prove that no matter your age, beauty can withstand the test of time. Stay tuned to 10 Most Beautiful Kids in the World All Grown Up. You won’t believe how one woman looks almost 90 years later!