10 Most Awkward Prom Pictures Ever


Being a teenager definitely brings some of the most awkward time in your life. How many embarrassing high school memories do you remember? Meeting new people, first kisses, first tests, first dates, high school fashion… and prom dates! Join us as we look at 10 most awkward prom pictures ever.

From weather-themed prom fashion and a date with a pineapple to a picture with Adam Levine, we just can’t get enough of awkward prom pictures! When seven boys decide to dress up like a rainbow and pose in rainbow order, you know you can expect some hilarious prom pictures!

Were your parents overprotective when you were a teenager? You might relate to our first prom couple who took their prom picture with a very unusual activity in the background. Every parent wants to protect their child, but this one might be going just a little bit too far.

Or were your family members just trying to embarrass you at every chance they could get? We wonder if some of these family members decided to take some of these photos on purpose! The photo with the cat sure looks like it!

But we think there’s one prom photo that’s just more unpleasant-looking than any other on this list. Do you want to guess what it is? We’ll give you a hint - it belongs to someone you might know.

Make sure to watch our video to find out our 10 most awkward prom pictures ever.