10 Most Awkward Prom Pictures EVER


Every year high school boys and girls gear up for the biggest night of their lives, prom! While the night is supposed to be one of the best nights ever, it can make for some pretty uncomfortable situations. And, lucky for us, those situations are documented for the world to enjoy! From the worst prom dresses ever, to dad’s who like to pack heat, these are 10 of the most awkward prom pictures ever!

There are 2 dresses in every girl’s life that they stress out over the most. Their wedding dress and their prom dress. Sadly, for these girls, they totally missed the mark. This girl’s dress looks like it is getting ready for battle with all of its crazy long spikes. We are impressed that this dress is homemade, but we aren’t sure what the need is for a rip-away skirt and bloomers. Then there is this dress that takes the cake for worst prom dress ever, which is ironic because that is exactly what it looks like!