Everyday we see buildings, cars, and jewelry so often that they’ve become rather mundane. However, we aren’t used to seeing this things dredged up from the water. Some things which may be commonplace on land, are exceptional when found underwater. Even your local river can exist underwater, as strange as it sounds. These submarine channels, as they’re called, might hold secrets about ancient climates in addition to important natural resources like gas and oil. In addition to our terrestrial items, could something extraterrestrial be lurking in the Baltic Sea? This anomaly has baffled scientists, and may even be interfering with their equipment. Plus, it bears a striking resemblance to a famous, or should we say infamous, Star Wars ship. And speaking of space, that’s where you’ll have to go to get a glimpse of the Zhemchug Canyon, which puts the Grand Canyon to shame.

Even some great cities and famous structures have ended up underwater. The Mahabalipuram Pagodas of India were said to be so beautiful that they angered a god, and Thonis-Heracleion was so opulent it was known as the Kingdom of Cleopatra. The Loki Palace may hold the key to a missing evolutionary link, and that’s not the only mystery we may have solved by exploring underwater. A brinicle is a rare natural occurrence in deep seawater, but efforts to capture one on film had been fruitless, until now.