10 Most AMAZING Mind Tricks Ever


If you think everything you see is straightforward, you’ll think again after you’ve watched these 10 most amazing mind tricks ever. Although we use our eyes and brains to process what we see, our minds can be tricked due to the assumptions we make. Our brains use memory, expectation and learning to make assumptions about what we’re seeing, and this isn’t always in line with what’s really there. There’s an understandable reason for it, though, and that’s down to the advantages of having a fast processing speed. This leads to faster reflexes and decisions, which will have come in very handy back in the caveman days when your life depended on you being quick to process what you saw and quick to respond. Test your brain with the mind tricks in our video.

Our brains tend to see what we expect to see. Or what we want to see. And so that means we can easily be tripped up with mind tricks like these. As our brains don’t like information gaps, we go with the first solution that seems possible, instead of taking time to consider everything that’s been presented to us. And our brains are always looking to make connections and see patterns. So much so, that we’ll sometimes see them when they aren’t there at all. This can often come up in word illusions. Optical illusions also show us just how complicated our brains are. We’ll see things that aren’t there. Or things that are there will start to disappear. Or we have to shake our heads to reveal what’s staring us right in the face.

Math tricks also show how keen our brains are to find patterns. These are great mind tricks to play on your friends and family members. You’ll also want to share the word illusions that totally fool everyone. Once you’ve been told the answer, you’ll kick yourself for not realizing straight away. But our minds work in mysterious ways. And there are some very clever scientists out there who can come up with ingenious mind tricks that will keep you guessing. There are also mind tricks that are created by artists that test our visual perception. Your jaw will drop when you see with your own eyes just how different reality can be from what your brain tricks you into thinking you’re seeing.