10 Most Amazing Lego Creations


The birth of LEGO dates back to 1932 in Denmark, and the toy came a long way since then. It captured the attention of builders and designers from around the world who have managed to turn thousands of LEGO bricks into amazing LEGO creations. LEGO holds an important message - it’s all up to your imagination. And these creations are the best ones we have seen!

Did you know that someone managed to create a completely functioning LEGO car which has a motor that runs on air? Although it’s definitely not practical for long distances, this vehicle is very impressive!

LEGO Colosseum is probably the most talked about LEGO project we have ever seen! Its creator stated that it wasn’t easy trying to build an oval-shaped building. He did succeed after using 200,000 bricks to create an exact replica of this famous Roman building. From the missing pieces that represent the historical building, to the fantastic detail on the inside. This is the one you should definitely see!

The record for the tallest LEGO tower belongs to the Italian city Milan, where a community built a 114 feet tall tower from 550,000 bricks. The project managed to fund an impressive amount of Euros to charity, and it took 18,000 builders 5 days to finish the sculpture.

Impressed yet? Want to find out which amazing LEGO design took 2,500 hours to make? Make sure you watch our video to find out!