10 Most Amazing DIY Fidget Spinners


Whether you’ve already bought one from a store or not, we know you’ll love this list of amazing DIY fidget spinners. There is something so satisfying about holding something that you’ve created with your own two hands. So we’ll have to ask you to put down any existing spinners in order to dive headfirst into one of these amazing craft projects. There is something oh so classic about a wooden fidget spinner, and it’s easy enough to make your own using some scrap wood. We’ll also show you a few methods that will result in a great spinner without breaking the bank. With just some zip ties and bearings, you can have a totally unique and functional fidget spinner. But if duct tape is more of your preferred crafting method, we have you covered there as well. With some marbles, a bearing, and plenty of everyone’s favorite tape, you can have a one of a kind spinner. We’ll also show you some more complex spinners, such as the metal one made out of a PVC pipe. And if you believe that bigger is better you won’t want to miss the whopping giant fidget spinner that weighs over 80 lbs! Sure, you can’t exactly spin it in one hand, but this thing is undeniably cool. If you want to have the option of customizing your spinner at a later date, make sure you check out the one made out of magnets! It’s super easy, and you won’t have to worry about spilling glue on the rug.