10 Most Addictive Toys Kids Love


Sometimes, popular toys can get addictive, very addictive. From making endless amounts of slime and using hoverboards to the controversial fidget spinners and American Girl Dolls. These are some of the most addictive toys out there!

Although they’re not available at the moment, we’re pretty sure hoverboards will be making a comeback. These futuristic transportation machines gave us a little glimpse of what we can look forward to in a couple of decades!

A popular way to de-stress is slime. Making slime has proven to be surprisingly satisfying. The slime craze is taking over every social media platform! These kids will show you how to make slime by using some of the simplest ingredients, and some of them got so good at it they can even sell it!

Which ones are better: American Girl Dolls or Barbie Dolls? We bet you’ve probably played with one of them! Did you know that both of these toys belong to the most popular toy maker in the world?

If you’re wondering what are fidget spinners, where they came from, and who created them, you’re in for a treat. All questions will be answered in this video. They’re the most addictive toys in 2017, but do they really help students concentrate or are they too distracting?

Which one of these addictive toys is your favorite so far? Slime, hoverboards or fidget spinners? Make sure you watch our video for more addictive toys kids love! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and give this video a thumbs up!