10 Monsters Science Cannot Explain


Everyone is unique, but some creatures are born more different than others. Some people might think that they are terrifying, but many of these little monsters are actually very cute, fascinating, or even considered to be gods. The simple fact that they exist is already amazing, and some of them even became an inspiration to others. This is why we are showing you 10 monsters science cannot explain.

When Caity saw this little puppy with two legs, she was afraid that she would not survive. But instead of giving up, she took the puppy back home, called her Faith, and took care of her. They had to face a lot of challenges together but Faith the two-legged dog finally learned how to sit and then walk like a human. Everyone was shocked! The dog even visited veterans in hospitals to show them that if an animal can do it, they can do it too.

Another famous animal is Mike the headless chicken. When farmers cut the head of the chickens, they can appear to be alive for up to fifteen minutes. But Mike survived much longer than that. He was still walking around the day after even if he had no head on his shoulders. His owner fed him with liquid food directly into his esophagus and took good care of him. But if you want to know for how much time this headless chicken survived, you’ll have to watch our video.

Stay tuned to hear more about the two-faced cat, the octogoat, the three-headed frog, Stumpy the four-legged duck, the five-legged cow, the unicorn cow, and a creature that is half-human, half-beast. Would you like to adopt any of them? Don’t be shy to tell us which unique little monster you would like to raise as a pet!