10 Moana Characters In Real Life


The story of “Moana” was one of the most anticipated Disney movies of 2016. The movie follows the heartwarming story of Polynesian characters Moana, Maui, Te Fiti, Pua, Sina, Tui, Tamatoa, Gramma Tala, and Kakamora. Today, we’ll show you what these characters look like in real life and let us tell you; we are totally in love with every single one of them!

Let’s start with Moana. You might know that the voice behind the popular Disney character is Auli'i Cravalho who actually looks like Moana herself! It turns out; it’s a complete coincidence that the two share similar looks as this Disney heroine was actually designed way before Auli’i auditioned for the role. Nevertheless, you can’t deny that the similarity is simply stunning!

Next is Maui, voiced by no other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Even though you can find many Maui cosplayers out there, his look really does belong to Dwayne. The directors never had an open audition for Maui because they knew they wanted The Rock to play the part all along!

Now we know that Tamatoa is one of the most fabulous crabs ever and there will never be a real life crab that looks like him. This is why we found some amazing Tamatoa cosplayers who, believe it or not, managed to totally nail his shiny look.

Do you have a favorite “Moana” character? Make sure you watch our video to see what Moana, Maui, Te Fiti, Pua, Sina, Tui, Tamatoa, Gramma Tala and Kakamora look like in real life!