10 Mistakes In The Loud House Season 3 You Might Have Missed


“The Loud House” season 3 is out and better than ever! Fans love the silly, feisty, goofiness in the characters of the show. But even Nickelodeon makes mistakes every once in a while. As this show has taught us, nobody’s perfect, and life can sometimes be messy and, well, loud! Of course, loyal fans who have watched every episode are very clever. They pointed several animation mistakes, continuity errors and plot holes in the Season 3 episodes. A couple might seem like no big deal at all, but others will have you shaking your head. Let’s face it, the animators have a lot of characters to draw! They’re bound to mess up here and there. Don’t worry, Nickelodeon, we forgive you! Just keep the new episodes coming. The last one is definitely a doozy!