10 Mistakes In Good Luck Charlie You Didn't Notice


We watched the Disney channel sitcom “Good Luck Charlie” so many times that we started noticing some mistakes. We can never get enough of Bridgit Mendler, Bradley Steven Perry, Jason Dolley, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Eric Allan Kramer, and Mia Talerico, and this is why we watched the movie, “Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas” too. Today, we are showing you 10 Mistakes in “Good Luck Charlie” You Didn’t Notice.

In “Bad Luck Teddy,” Amy asked Gabe if he thought that she was smoking for a pregnant woman as she was striking a pose. However, when she entered the room, her water bottle was in her left hand. But when we looked at her from another angle, it was in her right hand. We think that this is a little mistake that the actress made.

In the same episode, PJ had to go to the barbershop because his father told him that he was too old to go to a hair salon for kids. He was upset because the barber didn’t give him any candies, but he quickly changed his mind when he saw the attractive barber. But if you weren’t distracted by her, you could see a little mistake in the background.

Stay tuned to see more mistakes in the TV show “Good Luck Charlie” like Bridgit Mendler helping Mia Talerico, the grandma not really stepping on Amy’s foot, Gabe saying that he never knew about the attic, and much more. Did you notice any other mistake in “Good Luck Charlie”? Don’t be shy to tell us what you saw in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think.