10 Miss Universe Contestants Without Makeup


Every year thousands of women compete in pageants with the hopes of becoming the next Miss Universe. Usually the pageant is known for its glitz and glamour. So, when 12 of the pageant’s contestants bared their makeup free faces for the cameras, people were shocked! From the youngest Miss Universe 2016 contestant, to Miss Universe 2016 herself, these are 10 Miss Universe contestants without makeup.

At just 18 years old during the time of competition, Yam Kaspers, Miss Isreal 2016, was the youngest Miss Universe 2016 contestant. She is also probably one of the only contestants with a visible tattoo. What is also very visible is her stunning looks, which translate well even without the help of makeup. Her pouty lips and piercing eyes are features many women would pay good money to obtain!

The world travelling flight attendant Hildur Maria, Miss Iceland 2016, is pretty stunning! Considering she is known for her extreme sports obsession, baring a clean face for the cameras was no problem! It’s easy to see why, because the woman is flawless! Her skin is perfection, and she an almost perfectly symmetrical face! Plus, she has eyebrows that women would pay thousands for!

The Lebanese-Tanzanian Jihan Dimack, Miss Tanzania 2016, is the face of diversity. Her exotic looks and fierce disposition made her an incredible contender for the Miss Universe crown. And when she takes off her make up, her sass still exudes through the camera lens. We can see why she has so much confidence, because she is yet another contestant with amazing skin and perfectly sculpted eyebrows!

As a multilingual student, Roshmitha Harimurthy Miss India 2016, hopes to have major success with her Master’s Degree in international business. It doesn’t hurt that she is very easy on the eyes. While she didn’t earn the title of Miss Universe, she is still a figure of beauty. Her makeupless photo looks like a work of art, and stands out amongst all the other shots. Harmurthy chose to rely on the stunning structure of her face to display her beauty without any makeup!

Not only is Johanna Acs, Miss Germany 2016, beautiful, she also has a heart of gold. The 25 year old is leading the way in making the world a safer place by improving the conditions in textile production. So, she probably doesn’t have much time for a glamorous beauty routine and going bare faced might not be a big deal for her! And we can see why, look how pretty she is with 0 makeup! Her skin is glowing, and her freckles are everything!

She was so close to the crown she could almost taste it. But, sadly the beautiful Raquel Pelissier, Miss Haiti 2016, just fell short by being the 1st Runner up for Miss Universe 2016. And when you see her photo rocking the bare faced look, you can tell the judges had their work cut out for them! Pelissier is absolutely fierce with her fluffy lips, and beautiful cheekbones. We also love that she is owning her Cindy Crawford-esque beauty mark! And though she didn’t win the crown, she is definitely not a loser when it comes to beauty!

When it comes to taking care of her smile, Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016, takes it seriously. So seriously in fact that she spent the last 5 years pursuing a dental surgery degree! But, how does the new Miss Universe 2016 look without a stitch of makeup? Amazing, that’s how she looks! No wonder she won the crown, not only is her smile beautiful, but her skin is also glowing, and her eyebrows are perfection!

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