10 MIND-BLOWING Stories Behind Popular Songs


If there is anything life has taught us, it’s that music is the cure to (almost) everything. From love songs, inspirational lyrics to dance hits – there are plenty of meanings that you may have missed when hearing them for the first time, or even on repeat. You will find that even your role models have experienced the darkest of moments, thus relying on expressing themselves through songwriting. Often times our own interpretations may have been overlooked by the immense struggle a singer may have felt; but knowing that beyond the surface of sound is a hidden truth, is what makes music even more meaningful.

Regardless of what the genre takes form in, it’s important to recognize that these artists are not only trying to give us something to listen to - but also feel from, in hopes that you would understand how they are, in turn, also feeling. This experience that songwriters try to accomplish, whether for themselves or the artists, bring the human life form together, allowing us to set apart our differences and gauge similar perspectives. Throughout music history, there have been countless tales of heartbreak, uphill battles and sometimes, even moments to celebrate that truly creates a masterpiece of the human revelation.

Music is the very essence of our being, allowing us to create self-expression without limitation. Often times, we may not really think about what we are listening to; however when we do, it gives a sense of knowledge and appreciation for what we’re experiencing at that very moment. This art form has pushed many people to their limits, including the ones that we may hear about all the time today. The struggles that they bear, may not always been shown in the limelight; for even celebrities would like to maintain a private life, not for the mysterious allure, but rather for their health, loved ones or even sanity. However, you can find bits of their lives in the songs they create, reminding us all, that perhaps they aren’t only doing this for the fame and fortune; but also for the love of art.

The time and effort that goes into these songs, are certainly a better way to divulge into their lives as opposed to the intrusive behavior belonging to the tabloids, paparazzi and assumptions constantly built about their lives. This article is catered to discuss their meanings, straight out of the words of these artists, giving you a clearer and deeper perspective for their creative process, circumstance or even context of the tune! May this clarity provide you with a new profound respect for most of the artists mentioned, as they live through situations that we once have felt, or are currently a part of.

In light of all the celebrity gossip, it is time to strip away from the current perceptions; because the fact of the matter is, we genuinely do not know how these people live or who they are, no matter what they put on social media. These statuses or photos do not grasp the full meaning of their lives, but rather brand them to have a certain identity. For instance, even your favorite divas have off days, or unfortunate circumstances that they do not want to promote. If you think about it realistically, that it is how it is for us as well. Now bearing that in mind, the next time a new album comes out by your favorite artist... listen, and really listen. These words to which they choose to sing may be a liberating experience for them. Consider how much the mass media have discussed singers on a daily basis, mostly attacking them for certain looks, quotes or relationships that they’re involved in. Realistically, as artists they probably do enjoy the limelight, but surely it isn’t everything. The meaning that they mold into these melodies are meant to provoke emotion, ideas and events in our everyday lives. Thus, instead of turning away from the reality of the situation, let’s face it - no matter the fame or fortune, these musicians each have their own goal for the love of the art.

Thus, prior to reading each of these hand-picked entries with interesting facts, keeping an open mind to what the lyrics are saying versus what they actually mean could be two completely different things. Although you may choose to interpret a song as one would like to, now is your chance to get into the deeper meaning of their lives. From your favorite artists from Sia, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Hozier and many others come together in this one piece to inspire, inform and provide you with the meaning of music - not only intended for singing and dancing. Take a look and listen to the representation behind these mentioned songs, as these trivial takeaways could inspire you to write your own music one day!