10 Mind-Blowing Mind Tricks To Fool Your Friends


The mind is very powerful, but there are subtle tricks you can perform to trick the brain into thinking, seeing and believing anything you want. Mind games and the art of influencing is used in advertisements, music, at work and at school. Those who have perfected these mind tricks can usually make people do and say whatever they want. We definitely don’t think these tricks should be used if you have malicious intent, but if you just want to have some fun with your friends, these mind tricks were made for you.

If you want to trick your friends into believing you’re a mind reader, all you have to do is perform this mind game. Ask your friend to hold up their right hand, and tell them to pick and focus on one finger in their mind. Then, gently use your finger to push down against each one of their fingers. When you touch the finger they have chosen in their mind, they will subconsciously put a bit of resistance on it. You’ll then be able to pick the correct finger and your friends will be amazed!

This next mind game is one of our favorites! Ask one of your friends to stare into your eyes and tell them they’re not allowed to look away. Then, ask them what they had for lunch three days ago. Your friend probably won’t be able to answer the question because it’s very hard to remember something from a few days ago without shifting your eyes to the right or to the left. Your friend will probably go absolutely crazy as they try so hard to remember what they ate without breaking eye contact.

Another awesome mind trick is to bet a friend that they won’t be able to tell the difference between whole milk, reduced fat milk and low-fat milk. Blindfold them, and have them take a sip from each glass of milk. Now, replace the last glass of milk with a glass of orange juice. When they go to take a sip, their brain is preparing them to taste milk, but when they get a taste of the unexpected acidity of the orange juice, it will cause them to gag and maybe even vomit! Make sure you have some towels and a trashcan handy, because things are bound to get messy!

If you’re carrying something around that you want to get rid of, we have a simple mind trick that’s the perfect solution. Let’s say you’re carrying around a can of soda. Instead of tossing it in the trash, hand it off to one of your friends while talking to them. The conversation will distract them so much they’ll automatically hold the soda can without even thinking twice. This trick can also work with books, purses, trash or anything else you don’t want to hold.

The next time you get into a rock, paper, scissors battle, this mind trick will ensure that you win each and every time. Right before you’re about to start the countdown, ask your friend a personal question like, “Hey, whatever happened to your ex-boyfriend?” Immediately after you ask the question, continue counting like nothing ever happened. Most of the time, your rock, paper, scissors opponent will throw scissors as an automatic defense mechanism. All you have to do is throw rock and you’re guaranteed to be the winner.