10 Mind Blowing Facts About The Universe You Probably Didn't Know


The universe is full of infinite wonders, strange sights, and unexplained mysteries. Whether or not they understand the science behind it, humankind has always looked to the shifting constellations and falling stars for guidance, searching for a deeper purpose in the natural order of the heavens. As NASA explores the unknown and new technologies take us to uncharted territory, the wide expanse of space promises exciting discoveries.

Stars live and die and live again as nebulae or white dwarfs or pulsars. Black holes suck all the light in their vicinities and yet we’ve never actually photographed one head on. Inexplicable combinations of elements create beautiful possibilities in deep space while chemicals that could easily be found in your medicine closet float inconsequentially through the cosmos.

While there’s still much to learn about Earth as it hurtles through the vacuum, we here at the Hub have managed to curate 10 mind blowing facts about the big ole universe you probably didn’t know. If you don’t have a telescope at your disposal, gaze through your web browser to take in the interstellar bodies and cosmic anomalies that are reinforcing and, often, defying our perceptions of time and space.