10 Mind Blowing Discoveries That Can't Be Explained


One thing is for certain, as human beings we haven’t spent our recorded history just sitting around doing nothing. No, as you likely learned in school, humans are pretty inquisitive creatures. We never seem content with the world we are living in at any given moment which probably explains why there are so many adventurers, explorers and researchers. We are always looking for something – whether it’s new lands, new life, answers to various problems or maybe just something different. The result has been a continuous string of discoveries over thousands of years. Ranging from the discovery of the New World to medical breakthroughs, for the most part we have been able to explain our findings – for the most part.

You see, along with all the explainable discoveries we have made there are quite a few rather ‘big things’ we’ve stumbled upon which remain shrouded in mystery. Sure we may have some partial answers or even plausible theories to explain certain discoveries. But at the end of the day we just can’t say we are 100% certain. This is the case with the following 10 discoveries. Each, in its own way, is mind-blowing – be it in physical size, bizarreness, creepiness or just sheer ramification. Whether alien signals, mythical creatures or an ancient coded book, the following discoveries continue challenge our best and brightest minds. In short, there just isn’t a nice neat answer to any of the following discoveries – which ultimately makes them even more mind-blowing.