10 Messed Up Toys No Kid Would Want As A Present


Let’s face it, some toys just shouldn’t exist. But they’re out there, creeping kids out with their bad designs and unintentional inappropriateness. The one good thing about these messed up toys is, we get to make fun of them. And it seems there is an abundance of comedy gold in this department.

We have gathered some of the most messed up toys that we are pretty sure no kid would ever want as a present. These toys will make you wonder just who is in charge at the toy factory. And is this person sane? We found some cringeworthy toy ideas and a few epic toy design fails that range from scary to totally nuts! These hilarious toy fails had us cracking up and shaking our heads. You can’t make this stuff up! We’re pretty sure a few toy makers were fired after these. Seriously, nothing could have prepared us for the last one on this list.