10 Men Who ROCK The Beauty Industry


In 2016 the beauty industry was taken by storm with the emergence of male beauty influencers. But who exactly are these men who are blazing the trail for male beauty? From a teenager in the U.K., to the first man to ever be featured in a cosmetics campaign, these are 10 men who ROCK the beauty industry!

In 2016, CoverGirl shocked the world when they announced that then 17 year old James Charles would be the first ever male CoverGirl Spokesperson. Charles has said that he wasn’t always into makeup, and he got into as kind of a fluke. He used to do hair for his friends, but one day his friend needed her makeup done, and missed her appointment. She asked Charles to do her makeup, and it actually turned out pretty good! After that he invested in his first makeup kit, and the rest is literally history!

With over 15 years of experience, Wayne Goss is a legend when it comes to men rocking the beauty industry. His tutorials include everything from contouring like Kim K, to what trends need to go away. His looks are so sought after that he has been able to spring board his fame to break into the beauty industry with his own business. Goss has started his own line of makeup brushes, which will give you the right tools to complete any of his fabulous looks!

Beauty vlogger Jake-Jamie Ward, better known as “The Makeup Boy” is pushing gender stereotypes by trying to help men be less ashamed about wearing makeup. His unique approach gives men a more natural look, though they are still wearing makeup. He first started playing with the idea of wearing makeup when he became insecure about his teenage acne. He claims that men deserve to be beautiful too, and beauty should be genderless.

At the age of 14, Lewys Ball became obsessed with makeup, but saw one problem with tutorials on YouTube. They were all for girls. He was so nervous buying his first makeup that he basically grabbed what he saw in the videos and ran! Fast forward, and Lewys Ball is now a respected and up and coming beauty influencer. He has signed with one of the largest influencer agencies in the U.K., and has even collaborated with large beauty brands like Sephora.

If the name Manny Gutierrez doesn’t sound familiar, it’s probably because you know his as Manny Mua. Get ready to see more of Manny Mua because he is the first man to be featured in a Maybelline ad. He claims to have fallen in love with makeup as a child when he would watch his mom get ready. His love for makeup led him to quit medical school and pursue a career in the beauty industry!

Orlando based, Patrick Starrr, is a contouring and drag queen makeup guru! He claims that because he is a plus sized male, he relies on highlighting and contouring to shape his face. Lucky for us, he breaks every step down, even explaining why he uses different brush strokes. Starrr has led the way for male beauty vloggers, and has inspired many men to get their glam on! His looks are incredible, and he has a ton of personality, which makes watching his videos so much fun.

2016 saw the rise of men in big brand beauty campaigns, and it all started with Gary Thompson. Thompson, also known as “The Plastic Boy” was the first male to appear in a cosmetics campaign, when he appeared in L’Oreal’s #TrueStory campaign. He struggled as a young boy loving makeup while all his friends loved soccer. He claims that makeup has allowed him to finally be who he always wanted to be. He now encourages more men to not be afraid of who they are, and if they want to wear makeup then they should!