10 Men RUINED by the Kardashians


Being seen with a Kardashian seems like a dream come true for most men. The family is full of beautiful and successful women who were able to parlay a sex tape into multi-million dollar careers full of brand endorsements, clothing lines and cosmetics collections. But being associated with the family is actually a gift and a curse, and these men found that out the hard way.

Scott Disick was introduced to the family in 2006 when he met Kourtney at Joe Francis’ house in Mexico. The two began an on-again off-again relationship, and many believed wedding bells would be ringing when Kourtney gave birth to their first child in 2009. But, sadly, three kids later and the couple have broken up once again. A combination of their final breakup and the deaths of both of Scott’s parents have caused him to slip into a depression. He has threatened to commit suicide, and he struggles with sobriety. In February 2016, he reportedly suffered a drug overdose at his Los Angeles bachelor pad.

Ray J is yet another man who’s life has been ruined by the Kardashians. Following the release of his sex tape with Kim, his life has never been the same. Many believe Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, leaked the video on purpose to help give Kim’s career a kickstart…and boy, did it ever. The tape was released in February 2007, and by October of that same year, Kim and her family were starring in their very own reality show. Ray has recorded some music and has even appeared on a few reality shows, like “For the Love of Ray J,” and “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.” But while Kim has been able to turn the negativity surrounding the tape into a multi-million dollar career, Ray will forever be known as just her sex tape co-star.

Kris Humphries was simply a benchwarmer in the NBA before marrying Kim just nine months after meeting. If he thought the Kardashian name would give him popularity and a thriving basketball career, he was sadly mistaken.Their marriage lasted just 72 days, and stories were leaked to gossip magazines accusing Kris of belittling and being verbally abusive to Kim by calling her “fat” during their marriage. Since their relationship ended, Kris has yet to remarry, and his basketball career has suffered. He was even booed during a game simply for being Kim’s ex-husband.

Even the male Kardashian members aren’t exempt from having their lives ruined. Their brother Rob has never been able to experience success of his own. Sure, he has his Arthur George sock collection, but it’s not nearly as popular as Kylie Cosmetics. After Khloe separated from Lamar Odom, it seems like Rob’s life took a turn for the worse. He became a hermit, started to pack on the pounds and was diagnosed with diabetes. Since getting engaged to Blac Chyna, things don’t seem to be getting any better. His family now says they are scared for his life.

Although he denies the claims, reports say Rob has reportedly gained more weight and is slipping back into a depression.

Do you think the Kardashians are really to blame for ruining these men’s lives?