10 MCU Characters That Need Their Own TV Show


Superhero mania has swept over the film world. Everywhere you look there is another Marvel film or franchise, putting out several movies a year. On top of all their film endeavors, Marvel also has a thriving television arm as well. With shows like Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Agent Carter and so many more we can’t list them all here, we know Marvel can make long-form content.

The one thing Marvel has not really done is cross over the television world with the film world. If your character was introduced on the big screen, you are staying there. Television characters debut on a show and can crossover to other shows, but not into the film world. You may hear a line or two that connects these worlds, but not much beyond that.

So what about a character who debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who deserves more? They may not be big enough for their own movie, but what about having their own show? We’ve found several characters who are already established and capable of carrying a show. This also would allow for an organic expansion of the universe without having to develop whole new stories. For example, Young Hank Pym or young Yondu. They have huge backstories filled with potential. The Collector can bring in new artifacts and species. Black Widow has been working as a sidekick for so long she deserves the spotlight. The Prowler can help us connect to alternate universes and Vision to the Avengers.

Want to know who else made our list? Watch our video and find out.