10 Mcdonalds Menu Items that you Cannot Buy in America


McDonald’s is serving its famous fast food to 62 million customers per day in 119 countries worldwide. You might be familiar with regular items like Big Mac and the delicious McDonald’s fries, but have you ever heard of McDonald’s black burgers, the Greek Mac, Durian McFlurry, Bubur Ayam, Georgie Pie, and even McDonald’s Gazpacho? We’ll show you 10 McDonald’s menu items you definitely cannot buy in America!

Let’s start with the black burgers from Japan, which was a response to Burger King’s Halloween-themed burgers. They might not look appealing and it’s true, they are actually made with squid ink, but you’ll be completely surprised by their taste! Just make sure you never actually look at what you’re eating because they’re not the best looking burgers in the world.

Bubur Ayam is one of the most interesting McDonald’s breakfast items you can find in Malaysia. It’s essentially rice porridge, mixed with chicken, ginger, onion, shallots, and chili peppers. It’s slightly different from the traditional Bubur Ayam, but if you’re just starting to develop your taste palate, McDonald’s will definitely do!

Did you know you can get meat pies as a McDonald’s menu item in New Zealand? They’re called Georgie Pies, filled with mince and cheese. It might not seem like much, but we promise they’re absolutely delicious. Watch our video to see the history behind Georgie Pies and how they made it onto McDonald’s menu.

What’s your favorite international menu item from McDonald’s? Watch our video to see McDonald’s black burgers, the Greek Mac, Durian McFlurry, Bubur Ayam, Georgie Pie, McDonald’s Gazpacho, and many other menu items you cannot buy in America!