10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Theories So Crazy They Might Be True


It has taken several years to build up and create the Marvel Universe that we know and love. With each new movie we are introduced to new characters, plot-lines, and the ever-growing expansion of the Infinity Stones sub-plot. Through all the hours of content, there is a lot to dissect and a lot of theories to consider. We have seen some crazy theories – but some of them actually make sense.

Is Groot a god who is connected to both Thor and Captain America? The humorous character may actually be a part of the mythical Yggdrasil and the nine realms. The MCU is also filled with a lot of heroes, but Deadpool may also be part of that mix as his movie hints at some of the same characters and locations seen in the MCU. Tony Stark may be one of the most developed characters in the Marvel universe, but his mother may be someone completely unexpected. Movies like Captain America: Civil War reveal a lot about Tony Stark’s past and could even clues about the real events that occurred to Pepper Potts. The Punisher is set to premiere on Netflix in 2017, but the vengeful hero may have been a part of the MCU for several years now. A lot of theories also involve MCU villains like Thanos, Red Skull, and Yellow Jacket. These villains may return thanks to the Infinity Stones and there could even be a secret seventh stone Iron Man may use to battle Thanos with.