10 Makeup Tricks You Need To Stop Doing


ust because a makeup trend is popular, it doesn’t mean it will look good on everyone. In fact, many of the trends that come and go are better left in the hands of makeup pros. If you want to experiment with your own look using different makeup techniques, proceed with caution. Many times, these looks end up being a complete fail. Keep reading to see the makeup and beauty trends that need to be stopped.

Thin brows were all the rage in the late-90s and the early-2000s, but slowly, thick brows came in and completely stole their thunder. If you weren’t blessed in the brow department, like super-model and actress Cara Delevingne, thankfully, there is a simple solution. Eyebrow pencils or a powder and an angled brush can fill in thin and sparse brows to give them new life. But there’s a thin line between bulking up your brows and completely overdrawing them. Overly filling in your eyebrows and giving them a square and boxy look makes them appear unnatural. So go easy when you’re filling in your brows, and just remember, less is more!

Kim Kardashian rocked our worlds when she convinced us all that contouring was the key to get a perfectly slim and chiseled face. She was right, contouring has magical powers, and the re-sults look very striking when celebrities are on stage and in front of our television screens. But for everyday use, anything more than a slight contour on the nose and cheeks to make your bone structure pop is excessive. When contouring is done incorrectly, it can leave harsh, un-sightly and unblended lines all over your face.

Many in the beauty community agree the contouring is on its way out, and they have since set their sights on strobing. Strobing is essentially the same as highlighting and contouring…minus the contouring, of course. The strobing technique literally puts a spotlight on the high points of your face, like above the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, underneath the brow bone and at your temples. But too much strobing can be disastrous, and if the glowing finish is a little too excessive, it can even become blinding.

When we say the word “baking,” we’re not referring to that apple pie that’s sitting in your oven. Instead, baking is a term used by the beauty community to describe the act of letting translucent powder sit on your face for up to five minutes to set your foundation and concealer. After the five minutes is up, you simply sweep or pat the powder away, and the results are supposed to be a gorgeous finish. But baking actually adds more layers of product to your skin. As your founda-tion, concealer and powder set, you’re left with a thick and heavy makeup application that is an-ything but flawless.

Another trend that we’re ready to see make its final exit is the excessive glitter trend. A little bit of glitter here and there never hurt anyone, but an explosion of glitter all over your hair is defi-nitely one trend that needs to stop. An excess of glitter on your roots is not only a distraction, it can turn into a complete mess. This beauty trend was fun while it lasted, but it’s definitely time to put it to rest.