10 Magazine Photoshop Fails That Actually Got Published


Just take Kerry Washington for instance. She is absolutely gorgeous on her own. She doesn’t need any photoshopping, but when she graced the cover of Essence Magazine, the editors had a different opinion. It looks like they were trying to give her larger breasts but they actually just made one side of her chest look enlarged and strangely floppy.

Photographers are always trying to get photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their children. Apparently, this photographer wanted one so bad that he just photoshopped it together. If you look at Brad’s hand, you can see that he is actually holding hands with a child but whoever that was got replaced with the photo of the kid walking in front of them. Super weird, right?

Demi Lovato is known for trying to promote body positivity, yet her cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine was horribly photoshopped. They gave her more cleavage and a smaller waist. Those things are not too strange, it’s just that they are so obvious in this photo that no one would think that it could real.

Whether it’s Taylor Swift, Fergie, or Avril Lavigne, no one is safe from horrible photoshopping. Stay tuned to the end of 10 Magazine Photoshop Fails That Actually Got Published to see which mistake turned a girl into a flamingo.