10 Loud House Characters Reimagined As Teenagers


We believe we’re the biggest fans of “The Loud House”! The popular Nickelodeon show has a huge audience that can’t wait to see what will happen in future episodes. But since we won’t get to see what everyone will look like as teenagers, we decided to give you a sneak peek. Here are 10 “Loud House” characters reimagined as teenagers. We’ve included Lucy, Lincoln, Lily, Lola, Lana, Lynn, Luan, and plenty of other characters!

We don’t spend a lot of time talking about the 15-month-old Lily, but today, we managed to find several illustrations that perfectly capture what she’ll look like in her teenage years. Of course, we can’t predict her personality yet, but it’s fun guessing her traits.

The 6-year-old Lola and Lana might be twins, but they’re completely different when it comes to their looks and personalities. While Lola is a practically a pageant queen, Lana much more prefers to play in the mud and do the typical tomboy things that sometimes get on her sister’s nerves. It looks like nothing has changed as they become teenagers!

Luan is absolutely hilarious, and she’s one of the few characters that can definitely rock a yellow outfit. She’s already 14 years old, but we found talented artists who showed what she’d look like as a slightly younger, but also older teenager. We bet she’d still be as funny no matter how old she gets.

Watch our video to see what Lucy, Lincoln, Lily, Lola, Lana, Lynn, Luan and other “Loud House” characters would look like as teenagers!