10 Loud House Characters Reimagined As Disney Princesses


“The Loud House” is one of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows. It shows us the hilarious life of the large Loud family and their eleven siblings. Some of our favorites include Lucy, Lincoln, Lisa, Leni, Lola, Lana, Lynn, and Luan, and today we’ll show you what 10 “Loud House” characters would look like as Disney princesses!

Let’s start with the pageant queen herself. The 6-year-old Lola Loud is one of the girliest members of the family. She loves to dress up and, of course, she loves to wear anything pink. Her character inspired many artists, and they created some of the best versions of Lana Loud as a Disney princess we have ever seen! We can’t decide which one is our favorite!

Lincoln is the only boy in the large family with ten sisters. It’s not an easy life, but he soon learns that having ten sisters is a lot better than having it the other way around. Because he often gets included in girly activities, we thought we’d show you what Lincoln would look like as a pretty Disney princess!

As the fashionista of the family, Leni Loud always manages to look good. She might be naive, but she’s also very protective of her younger siblings, and she can get along with practically everyone. We love her stylish sunglasses and her typically blue shirt! We managed to find a few illustrations of what Leni Loud would look like as a princess!

Who’s your favorite character from “The Loud House”? Watch our video to find Lucy, Lincoln, Lisa, Leni, Lola, Lana, Lynn, Luan and others reimagined as Disney princesses!