10 Life Hacks To Save You From Embarrassment Part 2


Embarrassment is an emotion that we are all unfortunately too familiar with. Whether it makes our faces blush, our palms sweat, or our heart beat faster, it’s not a feeling we enjoy. It turns out there are a variety of useful tricks and tips out there that can help you salvage an unpleasant situation that could lead to your humiliation, and some that will help you prevent one entirely. While getting a big whiff of another person’s body odor is an absolute nightmare, it’s at least less humiliating than being the one responsible for the offensive odor. But how can you tell if your breath has become foul if we can’t smell our own breath? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a trick to check yourself, and all you need is something that’s probably in your kitchen right now. If it’s your feet that are the smelly problem in your life, we’ll tell you why your feet accumulate such a noxious odor, and how to prevent it from happening. If your armpits tend to get sweaty and you’re worried about pits stains, we can help you prevent those as well. In this video, we’ll show you how to make sure you’re as clean and presentable as possible. You’ll be able to properly clean the grease out of your clothes, tame your frizzy or static-filled hair, and make sure your zipper is up to standards. There are also a couple of easy ways you can quiet your growling stomach and stifle your overly loud sneezing.