Originally considered Grand Theft Auto set in the Old West, Red Dead Redemption quickly became a game all its own. It features compelling storytelling, great characters, and a lot of incredible missions to complete as you travel through different areas. The game has incredible reviews and despite being a huge hit, there are some things that left fans disappointed. Expectations, screenshots, and false statements led to several lies about the game. No matter how good it was, it can be hard to overcome some of these lies. This includes censored content for the Game of the Year Edition and false advertising on the special edition of the game.

As Red Dead Redemption was in development, many rumors were spread about voice actors that were considered for the role. These ended up being false and disappointed some players. The game itself was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, leaving PC players with no chance to enjoy the game. Like many other games, the anticipated release date has to be changed and pushed back due to some technical errors and tweaks that the developers needed to make. These changes may have included the death of a specific character and her side quest. It may have also included a number of extra bounty targets that would have been included in the game and really extended the number of objectives you could have completed. Other lies also involve the animals that you can hunt, kill, and trade for within the game. A special version was supposed to be created for Grand Theft Auto V, but after much anticipation it was scrapped all together.