10 Lies We Say On A Regular Basis


Lying is supposed to be something everyone should try to steer clear of doing. But, there are lies that we all tell without even realizing we are lying! From telling people “I’m Fine” to using the “#NoFilter” hashtag, these are 10 lies we say on a regular basis!

You aren’t kidding anyone with the “We’re just friends” lie. If you have a crush on someone, or you have been spending a lot of time with them, chances are you are more than just friends. You don’t hook up with, or want Valentine’s Day presents with someone who is just a friend! Either you are in denial, or you don’t want to let everyone know about your love life. Both are fine, but your friends will know the truth, so it’s time to spill the beans!

It may be an innocent lie, but the “I’m Fine” statement when you aren’t is still a lie. Most of the time we say this lie because we don’t want to open up about our feelings. By concealing how we feel, we think we are sparing the person’s feelings. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with expressing how we feel when something upsets us. But, this little lie isn’t one we will stop telling any time soon!

How many times has someone asked if they look fat, and you know they do, but you can’t tell them? So, you have to say the “No, you don’t look fat in that” lie. We should be able to be honest with our friends, but when it comes to looks, it becomes a sensitive subject. The good news is this person doesn’t really want to know the truth. They are either searching for compliments, or they feel fat and hopefully won’t wear the outfit anyway.

Everyone has done it, or seen it, the “#NoFilter” lie. No one cares if you use filters, but it looks weird when you lie about it. Everyone knows that filters make people look better, that’s why they were invented. So, if you want to use filters, just do it! It is going to be really embarrassing when you show up for a date, and you look completely different from your #NoFilter profile.

Have you ever heard there is a little truth in your jokes when you tell someone, “I’m just kidding”? This is because, you tell someone you are kidding, but you may secretly mean it. It’s an easy lie to tell because you probably don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. This lie is the best way to soften the blow after you’ve said some pretty harsh statements about someone. So, this is another lie that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

It’s easy to tell people “I’ve been so busy lately” when you haven’t seen them for a while. You know you want to maintain a relationship with them, but you just can’t find any time in the day. But, let’s be real, if you have time to binge watch shows on Netflix, then you have enough time to cultivate relationships. We all are guilty of this lie, because sometimes alone time is just more appealing then going out and being social. But, that doesn’t mean we should lie about it!

If you have to say, “I’ll just have one” chances are that is a lie. Whether it is a drink or a French fry, you never have just one. So why is this something we still say? What is wrong with having more than just one anyways? Let’s all agree not to judge anyone for indulging in something they enjoy every now and then! Then we can all put the “I’ll just have one” lie to rest for good!