10 Lies Girls Always Tell Guys


Every girl tells a lie from time to time. Whether she’s trying to let a guy down easy or trying to get herself out of a sticky situation, sometimes lying seems like the only option. It’s hard to avoid being dishonest when you’re trying to spare someone’s feelings, so don’t judge a girl if she has ever used one of these many lies on you.

In a perfect world, exes would be the last thing on a girl’s mind. But no matter how many times she tries to tell a guy she doesn’t care about his ex, just know that she’s probably not telling the truth. It’s just human nature to be curious about someone’s past and their previous relationships. So while she’s acting like his ex doesn’t even ruffle her feathers, she’s probably stalking the ex’s social media accounts every single day.

When a girl says everything’s fine, just know she means the exact opposite. Every girl wants to appear to be cool and laid back on the surface, but on the inside, she’s an emotional wreck! Whether it’s that time of the month, she just figured out her BFF unfriended her on Snapchat, or Mercury in retrograde is causing her chakras to go completely nutty, when a girl says everything’s fine, don’t ever believe her.

During a horrible date, so many thoughts are running through a girl’s mind. She’s regretting that she ever agreed to meet up, and she’s probably counting down the minutes until she can fake a tummy ache and make a run for the exit. No matter how bad a date is, a girl will still lie and tell the poor fellow that she would love to hang out with him again. But as soon as they part ways, she has already blocked his number, unfollowed him on Instagram, unfriended him on Facebook, and unmatched him on Tinder.

Nothing sucks more than meeting a new guy and after a few months, he makes it known he’s not looking for a relationship. Many girls will lie and say they’re not looking for something serious either to help ease the pain of being rejected. The truth is, most girls would love to be in a relationship with a guy who meets all the requirements on their must-have list, but when their crush isn’t budging when it comes to commitment, most girls use this lie in hopes that the guy may one day change his mind.

When a girl says she’s almost ready, just know it will be another 30 to 45 minute wait. Getting all dolled up takes time, so you really shouldn’t expect a girl to get ready as fast as a guy does. There’s hair, makeup, finding the right outfit, picking out the right shoes, choosing a matching handbag, transferring the contents from her old handbag into her new handbag and looking in the mirror for at least 20 minutes to make sure she looks okay. You’re going to love the end results, so don’t get so butt hurt over this little lie. She doesn’t mean any harm.