10 Lies All Kids Tell Their Parents


kids do this a lot. No one likes doing homework. It’s a necessary but tedious task. But it’s not just homework that kids lie about, it’s grades as well. Watch until the end of this video to find out why.

Do you remember how often you dramatically faked an illness to get out of something like school? We sure do. Whether it’s because we wanted to stay home and watch TV or were trying to avoid a bully, it’s one of theLying is exceptionally easy. It’s one of the simplest ways of getting out of trouble, and kids know this. It’s one of the reasons they lie to their parents so often. Let’s face the truth, we’re all guilty of lying to our parents. This is especially true for when we were kids. If you need a little reminder, you should definitely check out 10 Lies All Kids Tell Their Parents.

How many times have you lied to your parents about finishing your homework when you clearly haven’t even touched it? The truth is, most most common lies that we told our parents.

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