10 LIES About Famous People You Still Believe Today


Celebrities and lies seem to go hand and hand. Whether it’s a rumour that started about them or a white lie they told themselves, the stars know what it’s like to be in the hot seat. And while some lies get picked up and torn apart quite quickly, others kind of fade into the dark, leaving people believing them until years later when they watch a video like this and everything comes clean. Today we’re taking a look at 10 lies about celebrities you still think are true today.

First up are the celebrities who lie about themselves. This could be to make them look better, younger, or even more exotic. For years Angelina Jolie told people she was part Iroquois in the hopes that it would make her seem more unique. It eventually came out that it was a big farce, which makes us wonder why anyone would lie about that to begin with. And if you believe Rebel Wilson was born with that name like she said she was, you better think twice. How coincidental it would be for a girl of that name to become a big star. Turns out her real name is not so flashy and she’s not as young as she once claimed either.

To amp up his street cred, rapper Tyga claimed to be straight outta Compton, growing up in the hood. You may believe that by looking at him, but in a video that was eventually made public, he bragged about his wealthy upbringing in The Valley. And perhaps the strangest of them all, Jack and Meg White claimed to be siblings when The White Stripes hit the scene. Everyone believed them, and why wouldn’t you? But if you haven’t heard, the two were actually married and told the lie for their musical reputation. I don’t think it necessarily worked out in their favour.

Then there are the lies that are spread about celebrities that they didn’t start themselves. Take Taylor Swift’s 2015 “break up” with Calvin Harris. He was seen leaving a Thai massage parlour known for their happy endings and rumours swirled that she dumped him over it. They may have recently broken up, but a massage was definitely not the culprit. Whatever the situation, lies can either make celebrities look good or bad. So when the truth comes out it hits them one way or the other. These are 10 lies about the stars you still believe.